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"Selling Out" Was Released In 2000 And Was Featured On The Albums "The Remains Of Tom Lehrer" And "The Rest Of Tom Lehrer".


Selling out Is easy to do – It's not so hard To find a buyer for you When money talks You're under its spell Ah, but whaddya have when there's nothing left to sell?

Selling out (I'd rather call it "compromise") Is easy to do (sometimes you have to close your eyes) It's not so hard (being rich is no disgrace) To find a buyer for you (put on your shoes and join the race) When money talks (it has a very soothing voice) You're under its spell (it's up to you to make the choice) Ah, but whaddya have when there's nothing left to sell? (Before you know it there'll be nothing left to sell)

You can't always break the rules People who try are fools When you get older, maybe then you will see I've always found ideals Don't take the place of meals And that's how it is and how it will always be

It's so nice to have integrity I'll tell you why If you really have integrity It means your price is very high So remember when you start to preach and moralize That we all are in the game, and brother its name is compromise

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