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"S-N (Snore, Sniff And Sneeze)" Was Released In And Was Featured On The Album "The Rest Of Tom Lehrer" And "The Remains Of Tom Lehrer". This Song Was Also Featured On The Electric Company Along With Many Other Of Tom's Songs.

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Like a rooster loves a hen Like a lion loves his den Like Barbie loves Ken I love to do things that begin with S-N For example . . 

I love to sneeze – (a-choo) Pardon me please – (a-choo) I like to sniffle It really feels nice One handkerchief i'll Just never suffice But brother watch out for the breeze When I sneeze – (a-choo, a-choo, a-choo)

I love to sniff – (sniff) Just take a whiff – (sniff) I also like snarling It feels good to me Snarling is darling I'm sure you'll agree But I'm even happier if I can sniff, – (sniff) And sneeze – (a-choo)

I love to snore – (snore) It's more like a roar – (snore) I like to snooze I like resting my head I take off my shoes And I snuggle in bed Sometimes I just lie on the floor And snore, – (snore) And sniff, – (sniff) And sneeze – (a-choo, a-choo, a-choo)

Sometimes I just like to snicker, "tee-hee" Or snub any snob who is snotty to me And whenever I have a few moments to spend I can snoop on a neighbor or snitch on a friend! But much more than any of these I love to snore and to sniff and to sneeze (snore, sniff, a-choo) (snore, sniff, a-choo) (snore, sniff, a-choo) (snore, sniff, a-choo) (snore)